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All of the coffee we brew and sell in our shop is purchased exclusively from One Line Coffee, a local roaster who ensures we know exactly where our Coffee came from and who grew it. Each coffee is roasted to bring out it’s own unique aspects, resulting in the best possible cup.

To learn more about One Line Coffee’s commitment to sustainability and their roasting philosophy, please visit One Line Coffee.

Colombia El Progreso (Medium Roast)

Tasting notes: Orange, vanilla, caramel, creamy

     More about Colombia El Progreso (PDF)

Mexico Grapos (Dark Roast)

Tasting notes: Chocolate, burnt sugar, raisin, roast

     More about Mexico Grapos (PDF)

Ethiopia Efrem (Light Roast)

Tasting notes: Coffee cherry, tobacco, black tea, syrupy

     More about Ethiopia Efrem (PDF)