Highline Coffee Art Space

Located inside cozy and quaint Highline Coffee Co. in Worthington, Ohio, Highline Coffee Art Space is an intimate art gallery that showcases the work of emerging and established artists who live in the central Ohio area. Over time, the Art Space presents a variety of media and styles, from acrylic and oil paintings to fine art photographs and mixed media work, from realism to abstract.

As an exhibit venue, Highline Coffee Art Space endeavors to support our talented local artists, while offering a welcoming and enriching environment. Come in to see the expressive work created in our own neighborhoods…and enjoy!

For more information, contact Highline Coffee Art Space director and curator Don Scott, .

Parker Smith Paintings: November 2-January 3

Worthington native Parker Smith exhibits a collection of her acrylic paintings at Highline Coffee Art Space in Worthington from November 2 through January 3.

Smith first discovered her love of art when she was six, using watercolors to create greeting cards. Earning a degree from Columbia College in Chicago, she fell in love with painting in her junior year while completing an assignment using her roommate’s acrylic paints. Smith is now a freelance artist working primarily with acrylics and recycled canvas. Constantly challenging herself as an artist, she wants to eventually create new work using other media, including watercolors and oils.

“The planet we live on is incredible, so I draw my greatest inspiration from Mother Nature,” Smith explains. “I play with color in my work by using a non-traditional color palette. Although I paint many subjects, my favorite are abstracts, which can inspire and challenge both the viewer and the artist. I love to paint animals as well. My cow painting, moo i guess, is what inspired the theme of my exhibit at Highline Coffee Art Space. As I continue my work as an artist, I ultimately want to help ensure that future generations will be able to rely on and use art as a tool for personal growth and knowledge.”

Although she currently lives in Chicago, Smith says that she’ll “always call Ohio home” and is fortunate to “be able to return to the Worthington area often. There’s a certain appeal to central Ohio and the local artists that keeps bringing me back.”

“We’re happy to have Parker’s expressive work showing in our Art Space for the first time, especially during the holiday season,” says Christie Bruffy, owner and manager of Highline Coffee Co. “Her paintings are indicative of the talent that’s nurtured in the central Ohio art community.”