Highline Coffee Art Space

Located inside cozy and quaint Highline Coffee Co. in Worthington, Ohio, Highline Coffee Art Space is an intimate art gallery that showcases the work of emerging and established artists who live in the central Ohio area. Over time, the Art Space presents a variety of media and styles, from acrylic and oil paintings to fine art photographs and mixed media work, from realism to abstract.

As an exhibit venue, Highline Coffee Art Space endeavors to support our talented local artists, while offering a welcoming and enriching environment. Come in to see the expressive work created in our own neighborhoods…and enjoy!

For more information, contact Highline Coffee Art Space director and curator Don Scott, .

Steven Riggs Paintings at Highline Coffee Art Space in August

Circleville, Ohio artist Steven Riggs is exhibiting a collection of oil and watercolor paintings at Highline Coffee Art Space in Worthington in August.

“From the time I was in grade school, I studied and dissected the Renaissance,” Riggs explains. “While in high school, I made trips to museums to photograph and study the works I found captivating. My many years of study are reflected in much of my current work, which is reminiscent of the art created during the 19th-century Pre-Raphaelite movement in England.”

A native of Detroit who moved to Ohio with his family in 1971, Riggs specializes in realistic oil paintings, with themes ranging from mythology to the mystical, from the extraordinary to the every day. After studying the Renaissance as well as classical drawing and anatomy, he embarked on a quest to discover the methods of the Old World masters. Also known for his portrait work in oil, graphite, and mixed media, Riggs’ fascination with humanity and personality helps him create an image that goes beyond mere likeness to capture the essence of each individual subject.

Christie Bruffy, owner and manager of Highline Coffee Co., says, “Steven’s work offers a style of art that differs from what we’ve shown previously at the Art Space. We love supporting local artists and the central Ohio art community by exhibiting a different artist’s work each month.”