Highline Coffee Art Space

Located inside cozy and quaint Highline Coffee Co. in Worthington, Ohio, Highline Coffee Art Space is an intimate art gallery that showcases the work of emerging and established artists who live in the central Ohio area. Over time, the Art Space presents a variety of media and styles, from acrylic and oil paintings to fine art photographs and mixed media work, from realism to abstract.

As an exhibit venue, Highline Coffee Art Space endeavors to support our talented local artists, while offering a welcoming and enriching environment. Come in to see the expressive work created in our own neighborhoods…and enjoy!

For more information, contact Highline Coffee Art Space director and curator Don Scott, .

Paul Graham Photographs: Post Election Series

In October, Highline Coffee Art Space is exhibiting a series of photographs captured after the 2016 presidential election by award-winning Worthington photographer Paul Graham.

“This series of photographs is a blend of photojournalism and street photography,” Graham explains. “The images vividly reveal some of the post election turmoil that occurred, the likes of which I haven’t seen since the late ’60s to early ’70s. In presenting this work, I’m trying to evoke emotional reactions from viewers to get people to think and talk about current events.”

As a photography major at Ohio State University in the mid-1970s, he had the opportunity to study with nationally-recognized photographers, including Harry Callahan and James Friedman, both of whom had a great influence on him. Since graduation, Graham has continued to practice the art and craft of photography for more than 40 years, mostly for his own enjoyment. It was only 15 years ago that he started actively participating in art festivals and exhibitions, showing his work in numerous shows and galleries around central Ohio. One of his photographs was purchased recently by Xavier University for its permanent art collection.

“I don’t concentrate on any particular subject, although I photograph areas where I travel, so my work tends to follow themes of the natural world,” Graham reveals. “I’m most interested in the qualities of light while trying to capture real moments in time to reveal different perspectives of everyday scenes or objects.” As he works to fulfill his vision, Graham says that he “keeps one foot in the world of abstraction and the other in the world of photo-realism.” Sometimes he links the two together, “juxtaposing reality with the abstract, to create images that might be unintended accidents or that are manipulated.”

“Paul has been a regular exhibitor in the Art Space since we opened,” says Christie Bruffy, owner and manager of Highline Coffee Co. “His photojournalistic work is something different from the nature images we’ve shown before.”